About Us

Let’s get honest: 

Sometimes life can be so damned overwhelming. We have a mile long list on how we are going to make ourselves and our planet better, but we also don’t know where to start or how to pivot. Dylan Paige exists to cut through the chaos and help bring some peace, alignment, and some fun into your journey towards sustainability and mindfulness.

We see that the world needs less and more at the same time: Less waste and more sustainability. More inclusivity and less neglect. More love to our animal friends and less cruelty. More body positivity and less of the airbrush "industry standards" of perfection. More self-love and acceptance and less outside chatter.


Our Values

Support – We know that the pressure to live sustainably can feel daunting. We aren’t here for perfect, we're here to encourage you to make the small choices you can in order to create a bigger impact. We promise to keep this space a judgment free zone and accept you for who you are and where you areYou are never expected to be perfect in your journey. Just take a step with us, whether it’s checking out our products or following our socials. Think of this as a party of friends who welcome all!

Ecofriendly and Sustainable – We are cleaning up the world and decluttering our space by using sustainable sources and innovative ways to cut back on waste. Working with what we have and respecting what the world provides is very important to us. The brands we carry work hard to leave a minimal to no carbon foot print, and so do we. They use plastics and turn them into lush fabrics, they recycle and upcycle, and everything we use from product to production is sustainable and recyclable. Both we and our brands believe that everything has a purpose. Waste nothing and turn everything into beauty! 

Animal friendly – No animal should have to suffer to add value to our strut. We keep our furry, feathered, and scaly friends in mind when selecting our products. What affects them affects us and we want to create a space where all are safe and welcome. Our promise is that all of our brands are cruelty free! 

People Forward We select brands by how they treat others. Everyone should be paid fair wages, work in safe and sanitary conditions without fear of abuse, have opportunities for upward mobility, and always be anti-slavery. At Dylan Paige we strive to create an environment for our employees that explores creativity and offers a fun space in the work day. You will find yoga mats throughout the office, small herb gardens, and even dance party breaks.